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Main Street Quilt & Thread Guild fosters appreciation of quilts, quilting and other fiber arts among both quilters and the public. We provide an encouraging environment in which fiber artists can practice and exchange ideas, increase knowledge of traditional and contemporary techniques of quilting and cloth-related arts.

We are a Non-Profit

Organization and all skill levels are welcomed.

On Saturday, April 18, 2020 members of the Main Street Guild invite all quilters to an “airing of the quilts.”  One purpose of the activity is to brighten the quilter’s neighborhood with a quilt that can be viewed and enjoyed by passers-by.  Another purpose is to honor the life of our dear friend and fellow quilter, Joan who died on April 11.  She will be remembered by all of us as one who had a zest for life and a love of quilting.
Anyone may participate.  All you need to do is display one of your quilts in your front yard.  You can put a sign out explaining the purpose of the display, but it is not necessary.  Take a picture of your quilt in your yard and either post it on Main Street Quilt Guild Facebook page or send it to bcormier@austin.rr.com for posting.  
We hope quilters all across the area will join us in this celebration of life.
Quilts Displayed:
Displayed by: Marie Eddins

Displayed by: Paula Bidwell

Displayed by: Jeane Mahlke

Displayed by: family of Joan Beauvias, these are quilts she made for them

Displayed by: Jeanne Toewe

Displayed by: Liz Bell

Displayed by: Renita Bankhead

Displayed by: kathy Goff and Debbie Davenport

Displayed by: Kate Walters

Displayed by: Ronna Hammel

Displayed by: Pat Georgoff

Displayed by: BJ Cormier

Displayed by: Kathyrn Elliot and her family, quilts her mother made for them